Find identity threats
before attackers find you

Hydden’s continuous discovery platform provides 100% visibility into every
identity, account, and privilege across your infrastructure.

Introducing Hydden: The Identity Visibility Company
Visualize all points of Access

We help security teams gain control over the
Identity Attack Surface

Identity Security Posture Management

Hydden strengthens your identity fabric through continuous visibility, threat management, alerting, and automated response

Identity Hygiene

Hydden helps you address the foundational challenges of identifying overprivileged and dormant accounts

Identity Threat Detection & Response

Quickly and continuously discover identity threats that leave you open to attack
rapid configuration and deployment

Hydden makes continuous identity security radically simple

01 | Discover

Hydden runs on any infrastructure and connects to any data source: Active Directory, Okta, LDAP, to name a few. Deploy in 15 minutes and watch Hydden discover identities, accounts, and priviliges in seconds.

02 | Map  

Hydden's machine learning engine automatically maps human identities to accounts across all of your systems. Determine account ownership, group membership settings, and more.  

03 | Assess

Hydden continuously interrogates identities and accounts, looking for weaknesses, vulnerabilities and indicators of compromise. Unpack contextual signals to understand identity threat levels across systems.

04 | Respond

Hydden was designed to let you do more with less. Leverage our native orchestration workflows and integrate with your favorite PAM vaults, SIEM tools, IGA products and more.
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How exposed are you to an identity attack?

Identity Threat Exposure Management (ITEM) requires new tools and approaches, as traditional IAM programs leave significant gaps that hackers can easily exploit.

Read our latest e-book, "The Identity Threat Exposure Challenge" to understand how you can prepare and defend against emerging identity attacks.

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Close your identity
exposure gap now

Hydden provides cyber teams with everything to ensure continuous visibility and threat management of all identities and accounts -- human and machine. Deploy, connect, and discover. It’s that simple.
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